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Michel Herbelin brings together the creative, artistic, & sometimes emotionally chaotic personality of the French and combines it with the structure of the Swiss to form a perfect balance of DESIGN.

The realization of the idea & concept into a drawing, then the 3D technical drawing, the sample models and then ultimately the most beautiful timepiece takes time. Initial Designs take time, it may be years before the product is manufactured. Great designs evolve over time and can become synonymous with the brand.

Creative Design is Human and always will be… This makes it incredibly special

  • Design thinking is a search for a magical balance between business and creative art
  • Structure and chaos
  • Intuition and logic
  • Concept and execution
  • Playfulness and formality
  • Control and empowerment

Design is about making the individual happy, making a connection with the wearer, aesthetically, functionally, and emotionally

French design often brings in the unexpected touches in the details.

  • Style is very personal
  • It has very little to do with Fashion
  • Fashion is over quickly
  • French Style is with you forever

Michel Herbelin collections are designed with unique aspects, which differentiate them in the watch Industry.

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