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Carpe diem is in our blood. We push for that seizing of the day in everything we do. As one of the world’s leading names in fitness, Simeon Panda knows all there is to know about this mindset. We have combined forces to make our time count. This collaboration reaches further than Simeon’s professional prowess. It draws inspiration from his love for cars, fashion and living the good life.

Crunch Time refers to the moment where decisive action is needed. It isn’t about waiting for life to hand you results, it’s about getting what you want on your own terms. This is a collaboration for the ages and speaks to anyone who recognises that Crunch Time is now, not later.

Teaming up with Simeon Panda to create the Simeon Panda Limited Editions is our way of celebrating all those who shrug off the measured approach and step up to tackle life with boldness and attitude. These designs keep the grind in mind and encourage you to maximise your potential in every moment.

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